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There have been several unique stories that have happened since obtaining my Camaro and I thought I would use this page to share some of them.

The Bunny Episode
In 1998 I was participating in the Street Machine National's at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds in South Bend, IN.  I was sitting in my chair enjoying the sun and I noticed a golf cart driving in front of my car and then it stopped.  Sitting in the back of the cart was an extremely hot woman.  Sure enough, everyone gets out of the cart and heads over to talk to me.  It turns out that the woman is none other than Deanna Brooks, Playboy Playmate May 1998 and she wanted to pose with my car for some pictures. They let me sneak in a few pictures myself...enjoy! (Yes they were free :)

It's a Twin
In May 2002 I was participating in the Lane Automotive Car Show.  I happened across another 1981 blue Camaro very similar to mine.  In fact, my mother almost opened up the door and sat in it.  It was really cool to see another Camaro in such great shape that looks similar to mine.  This Camaro has a cowl-induction hood and a stronger drive train than mine.  Anyway, later in the summer the owner of the other Camaro and I were both talking at the Dowagiac car show and we decided that it would be cool to park the cars next to each other and take some pictures.  In fact, we even met up and parked next to each other at the Niles Apple Festival Car Show in the fall.  Here are some of the pictures:

Paper Caper
While participating in the Kustoms of America show in South Bend, I was approached by a writer from the South Bend Tribune.  She asked me several questions and the resulting article is shown below.  As always, you can click on the image to see a bigger version.

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